What’s Coming up at Laura’s Beads

There is so much to explore in the world of beading and we have a fun variety of ways to learn, create, relax and enjoy yourself at Laura’s Beads!

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Ready to learn something new? Every month we offer a fun variety of classes at reasonable prices — in fact, most are only $9 plus materials. You can even pre-purchase a block of classes in advance and pay as little as $5 per class if you are a frequent attendee!

  • Bead-weaving:  Learn the terminology, stitches and techniques that make up the beautiful art of bead-weaving. Most importantly, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to be able to read a pattern, which opens up a world of possibilities. All the while you’ll be making a variety of sparkling pieces to wear and show off your new skill! We offer both beginner and intermediate classes, then once you’ve learned the basics, we invite you to come and participate in our “Weekly Bead Circles” (see below).
  • Wirework: Learn a variety of wireworking techniques that range from the traditional to free-form contemporary. Play with different gauges and shapes of wire, using tools or simply working with your hands. Let your creativity run wild with these projects!
  • And More…  We also offer bead-embroidery, kumihimo, leather wraps and other fun techniques. Interested in learning something that is not on our calendar? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help you reach your creative goals!
Classes are always small in size so you have plenty of teacher time. Click here to view a list of upcoming classes.

“Pyramid Bands” by Deborah Roberti shown above


Weekly Bead Circle

Beading at home is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby, there is no doubt about it, but beading as a group is FUN! Each week we’ll pick a project, grab our magazines and gather in the beading room at Laura’s. The projects we choose do require some knowledge of bead-weaving and a comfort level with reading patterns, however one of our staff (also known as your “Beadvisor”) is in the beading room during the session to help if you have a question. Your Beadvisor will also have made the piece ahead of time so that you can see what it looks like completed and will discuss her experience in making it, along with providing suggestions, tips and ideas for adaptations.

A nominal fee is charged to participate in these sessions. Please note that Bead Circles are NOT structured like a class and you’ll be working more independently.

Click here to view the upcoming projects we’ll be making in our Bead Circle.

 “UFO” Sessions (Open Beading)

On Saturday afternoons we open our beading room for “UFO” night! No, we are not inviting aliens to bead with us, UFOs are “UnFinished Objects”. Admit it, you know you have some. Maybe you got stuck on a project at home after leaving a class or bead circle and need a little help finishing up, or maybe you just need some inspiration. Either way, we have you covered. There is no charge to participate in a UFO session, so why not come on by?

We ask that you always use supplies from Laura’s Beads when in our beading room. All our classes are held in person at our shop, we currently do not offer virtual classes. Thank you!