New This Week at Laura’s Beads – May 25

Events Newly Added to Calendar

Intermediate Bead Weaving Class: Peyote Tubes for Carrier Beads
Carrier beads wrapped in peyote tubes are one of the newest trends in beading right now! You can make either a necklace or a bracelet and there are lots of patterns to work from. In our samples we worked mostly from patterns by Jill Wiseman. You can bring any pattern(s) with you to this class to work from and we’ll help you with reading the pattern and completing your peyote tubes successfully!
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Intermediate Bead Weaving Class: Peyote with a Twist 102
“Peyote with a Twist” developed by Gerlinde Lenz is another one of the newest beading techniques trending today. The finished piece will look very similar to bead crochet without all the headaches of crochet. In this second workshop we’ll take the stitch to the next level by stitching it from a grid to create a beautiful geometric design.
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Beginner Bead Weaving Class: “Stackers” Bracelets by Deb Roberti
These fun bracelets are called “Stackers” because you can wear several of them together, although they look beautiful individually as well. The designer has given us a few variations of the bracelet to play with — two are shown above, plus there are two additional ones that are not shown. This is a wonderful bracelet for beginners to learn the art of bead-weaving using two-hole beads.
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Bead Embroidery Cabochon Pendant
This beautiful pendant highlights a 24mm round cabochons, surrounding it with superduos, seed beads and sparkling crystals. Dawn will also have instructions and a sample of a matching earring done with an 18mm cabochon.
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Viking Knit Workshop
Viking Knitting dates very far back, as you can probably guess from the name! It’s a method of weaving thin wire around a dowel in a way that creates a stunning result when completed and pulled through a drawplate.
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Wire Wrapped Pendant
This wire wrapped pendant class will teach you how to use half-round wire to create small wraps around the square wire that runs the perimeter of the stone or piece of glass you are wrapping for a beautiful finished piece!
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Until next time, have a sparkling week and happy beading!

Remember, if you are interested in making any of the projects shown in our emails, but are not in the area to join in, you can now purchase all the necessary supplies on!

Many of the patterns are available through popular magazines or websites, which will be indicated on our website when you click on any of the projects above, so that you can view a materials list. If it’s an original pattern, simply email Laura at and let her know you are interested. We love to share!

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